We have purposefully built a multi disciplined team from differing backgrounds, industries and skill-sets. We only choose to work with fantastic people who have a proven track record in successful delivery.

With our range of talented people at your disposal we can call upon their skills as required, be it ad-hoc or on an ongoing basis. Flexibility is key to building a recipe that’s right for your organisation.

Glenn Smith

Founder & Managing Director

Glenn has a passion for helping organisations improve. A techy at heart, although his coding hands don't get dirty anymore, he now focuses on helping organisations improve their operations and deliver amazing products and services.

20 years at the coal face have taught Glenn a thing or two. From writing embedded software, to running a multi-disciplined team over two continents and having now supported many organisations around the world, he has a wide range of skills and experience. In a past life he was a local politician, so can tell you lots of things about street lights and waste collection too!

Glenn loves when people "get it"

He is a SAFe Certified SAFe Program Consultant (SPC) and Release Train Engineer (RTE), plus he is a SPCT.

Özlem Yuce

Özlem Yuce

Principle Consultant and Trainer

Ozlem is a passionate, highly skilled and knowledgeable product development consultant. Her skill is in using modern management principles, practices and methods to deliver exceptional results.

Özlem has over 12 years experience in product management and software development teams, working with senior executives and stakeholders. By influencing the way people think and act in the complex environment of product development she enables organisations to innovate faster.

Ozlem has a proven track record of helping teams achieve lasting and measurable improvements, delivering value more rapidly while simultaneously not sacrificing quality. She frequently speaks at international conferences and recently co-authored an IEEE paper on the use of Cost of Delay as a prioritisation framework at a Fortune 500 company.

Claire Walkley


Chris Blunt Headshot

Chris Blunt

Software Consultant

Chris is a software developer and consultant with a mind for business. He designs and builds full-stack systems and infrastructure for Web and Mobile applications. Today, Chris mostly works with Rails, Android, iOS, and Docker.

Chris firmly believes in value-led software development, and enjoys working with customers to eliminating wasted effort by early validation and lean product development.

Chris has worked as both a solo consultant and as part of a larger team across multiple sectors. His clients include The National Trust for Scotland, Plymouth University and The University of Edinburgh.

Chris is a geek at heart, and is constantly learning about upcoming technologies and how they can be applied to enhance the products he develops.


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Get in contact with us on:

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